Worship is the beating heart of the Christian faith and an important part of life at Lamb of God.  We invite you to take part in our worship services at 10:30 AM each Sunday at Lamb of God.

As believers, our Savior Jesus is at the center of everything that we do in our lives.  2 Corinthians 5:21 tells us, "God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God."  This is the best news in all the world.  This passage tells us that our Savior Jesus took all of our sin and guilt on our behalf and in its place has given us the righteousness of God.  On our own we were ruined.  Our sin separated us from God and we were unable to restore it.  But Jesus has restored our relationship with God through his death on the cross and his resurrection from the dead.  And because of that Jesus has given us hope for our lives here on earth and our hope for eternal life to come.  This good news, the Gospel, is the center of the Christian faith.  And this message brings us two-fold joy.  We open our hearts to receive his saving and empowering gospel. We also open our arms to offer to Christ our thanks, our lives, our everything.

Sunday worship, therefore, serves a very important role in the Christian life. It is in worship that we find regular and full expression of this Gospel relationship we have with our God. In worship we hear God speak to us through his Word. It is in his Word that we hear of the sinfulness that separates us from God. It is in his Word that we hear the good news that Jesus Christ has removed the sin that once separated us from our Lord. Without this good news, without Jesus we would have no reason to join together for worship each week. But thanks to Christ, we joyfully gather together to open our hearts to the Word and to return to God our thankful praise and service.

This cycle of receiving from God and giving to God characterizes each of our lives. It also characterizes the way we worship when we gather together. To accomplish this, we use a form of worship that traces its roots to the apostles themselves. It’s called liturgical worship.

Christ is at the center of liturgical worship. Some parts of the liturgy stay the same each Sunday. This is to make sure that Christ is proclaimed and praised during every service. Some parts of the liturgy change every week. These changes are based on the appointed calendar of the church. This calendar makes sure that we cover the important events and teachings of Christ every year.  Liturgical worship also allows all involved to take an active role in praising God and proclaiming the Gospel. Through congregational hymns, spoken responses, Bible readings, psalms, and Gospel-rich sermons, fellow Christians join together to remind one another of God’s mercy and grace.