What We Believe

We are a Biblical church.  We believe that the Bible is God's Word.  We believe it was written without mistakes and errors and his message is unchanging to all people of all time.  Therefore we give God's Word first place in our faith and lives.

We are a Lutheran church.  We believe that all of mankind has failed to meet God's demands of perfection.  But God sent his Son Jesus to live and die for the sins of the world.  Therefore we proclaim full forgiveness for all through Jesus Christ.

We are a Christian church.  Therefore we gather together to praise God, to be strengthened by his word, and to reach out to those around us in Christian love.

Want More Information

Please contact our pastor with any questions that you might have about our beliefs or about the Bible.  He would love the opportunity to discuss and share God's Word with you!  You can call (765.414.5227) or email (pastor.schmoller@gmail.com) any time to meet with him.

Lamb of God also offers a Bible 101 course that covers the basic teachings of the Bible.  This free course is conducted by contacting Pastor Schmoller and scheduling a meeting time with him.

Other Documents

If you are interested in a more detailed examination of our beliefs, click on the link below. "This We Believe" is a statement of beliefs from our national church body.