September 28 - Lesson 2

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At around minute 47 Rev. Braun talks about the 3rd Commandments application in three categories - benefit, curb, and guide. For discussion - explain how the 3rd commandment has changed from the Old Testament and how it has remained the same.  He also said that the 3rd commandment shows that "our actions are right" with God.  How do both aspects of this commandment show that?

At around 1:07 Rev. Braun talks about the 7th commandment.  How are the 7th, 9th and 10th commandments connected to each other?  Why do you think the 8th commandment splits those commandments if they are so similar?

Are there any other applications from the commandments that you thought were particularly interesting or that struck your heart?  What new ways to be light in this dark world were brought to your attention?