September 28 - Lesson 2

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At around minute 47 Rev. Braun talks about the 3rd Commandments application in three categories - benefit, curb, and guide. For discussion - explain how the 3rd commandment has changed from the Old Testament and how it has remained the same.  He also said that the 3rd commandment shows that "our actions are right" with God.  How do both aspects of this commandment show that?

At around 1:07 Rev. Braun talks about the 7th commandment.  How are the 7th, 9th and 10th commandments connected to each other?  Why do you think the 8th commandment splits those commandments if they are so similar?

Are there any other applications from the commandments that you thought were particularly interesting or that struck your heart?  What new ways to be light in this dark world were brought to your attention?



September 21 - Lesson 1

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In this first lesson Rev. Braun talks to us about how we've used Luther's Small Catechsim in the past, how we presently use it, and how we can continue to use it in the future.

The first part of his presentation had to do with the origin of the idea of the catechism.  It emphasized the idea of penance where you would have to make some sort of satisfaction for the mistakes you had made - or work out your forgiveness for the temporal consequences that remained.  This was one of the main false teachings that led to the Reformation almost 500 years ago.

At around minute 42 - Rev. Braun describes the state that Luther found the people of Wittenberg in regard to their doctrinal knowledge by even calling the people "hogs" for their lack of knowledge.  If Luther were to visit the homes of the Christian's in Lafayette, what would he diagnose as the spiritual problems here?  What might be some possible steps that we could take towards a solution?

At around minute 52 - Rev. Brown talks about the theology behind Luther's catechism in a "Diagnosis - Medicine - Dose" description.  How can the catechism be divided in that way?  How does that work?  Are there any changes in that process or the uses that you might change? (The reason for the last question is that currently our synod is working on a revision of the catechism for a new publication.  A discussion is ongoing regarding changing the order of the catechism so that at least some of the different parts of the catechism might be used in a different way.)

At about the one hour mark - Rev. Braun discusses various differences between Kolde's catechism and Luther's catechism.  What do you think the most significant differences were?  Why were those the most significant in your mind?  

This lesson serves as a good background of the history around Luther's catechism and why it originated, as well as introducing the rest of the discussion in the coming weeks.  Hopefully, this serves us well as a chance for spiritual growth in the coming weeks.  Please leave any comments or questions you might have.  I hope this works well as a discussion page.