Growing in our knowledge and faith in what the Bible teaches is essential in the mission and ministry of Lamb of God.  It is our goal at Lamb of God to offer many different avenues and opportunities for growth through God's Word to everyone who is interested.

Bible 101

Bible 101 is our basic Bible course which covers the main teachings of the Bible.  This course is for people interested in becoming members of Lamb of God or for people just looking to build their faith through the study of the basic teachings of the Bible.  Currently, Bible 101 courses are scheduled and arranged on an individual basis with Pastor Horn.

Family Bible Study

Join us on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15am for Family Bible Study Hour to grow together in this life-giving and life-sustaining Word.

PreK-5th grade: Connecting Bible Stories to My Life
Middle School: Connecting Bible Stories to My Life
High School: Enduring Faith - Answers to Questions Teens Ask
Adults: Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

For the adult class we'll be using the book
Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? as our guide. You can order the book here.

Campus Ministry Bible Study

Lamb of God also looks to aid the students at Purdue University to grow in their faith and trust in their Savior Jesus.  These group Bible studies are held each Monday at 8:30 PM in the lobby of Shreve Hall at Purdue University. These Bible studies are scheduled weekly. Contact Pastor Horn for dates, times and locations

Confirmation Class

Our sixth, seventh and eighth graders take part in a weekly confirmation class for approximately 30 lessons in preparation for acceptance as adult, confirmed members of the congregation. Confirmation class covers all the basic teachings of the Bible and is specifically designed for students in junior high.